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September/October 2016 - “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…” ~ Proverbs 13:22

September/October 2016
“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…”  ~ Proverbs 13:22
The degree to which King Hezekiah trusted God as his only hope in a time of intense national turmoil was the degree to which he was set apart from the other corrupt kings of Judah. He did a lot of things right; too bad he didn’t finish well; too bad that ultimately, he was unconcerned for the future of his nation and of his own children.
It is a blessing to reflect on multiple examples of men and women in Tepic during the past two months who have inherited and acted upon the outcomes of long-term investment and God’s sovereign plan for them.
OANSA began its 22nd year at IBBM-Tepic the first Saturday of September.  The kids are enthusiastic, and 30 leaders are revitalized and anxious to continue propagating the legacy with which they have been blessed.  Last Saturday, was María’s very first opportunity to teach the “council-time”.  Her excellent lesson was, “Our God is Out of This World!”  It has been 11 years since pint-sized, 4-year-old María first joined the OANSA Cubbies.  Systematically, she has passed every requirement for leadership, and now with vigor and consistent dedication, she is reproducing that investment made in her life in the lives of others.

The legacy of teaching children to hide God’s Word in their hearts with which God has blessed IBBM-Tepic is being passed on in other locations. This past month, 

a team of Huichol missionaries carried what they have been taught to the very remote village of Guamuchilillo. UIM-Aviation air-lifted the team from Tepic to Tierra Blanca; then they hiked hours to the village with the message they had prepared to share and the materials necessary to begin the club. Local leaders from the budding church have been trained and equipped, and the next generation of children is anxious to grab hold of their inheritance.

IBBM-Tepic celebrated her silver anniversary! It’s hard to believe that 25 years have been invested in building this legacy that is continuing to grow both in number and maturity, and that these “joint-heirs with Christ” have heartily answered the call to share their heritage at home and also to carry that Good News way beyond our community. This celebration kindles a heart filled with thankfulness for the enormous team of friends who have participated to make this miracle possible.

Pastor Manuel from Zapotede Picachos could not be more grateful today for the legacy of truth that has been passed on to him and his family for more than 15 years. His 21-year-old son, Emanuel, was admitted to the hospital three weeks ago with a tumor on his neck. Actually, the doctors found multiple tumors, and in surgery they discovered that the very aggressive cancer had metastasized throughout his body. Five days later, Emanuel died, leaving behind his young wife, Elvira, and his 4-month-old son, Salem, as well as his parents and a village full of friends who are reeling at their loss. As painful as it is to say good-bye, praise God for the hope that Emanuel is an heir of salvation, purchased of God, and their separation is only temporary. What if no one had invested in Emanuel as a young boy, and he never had heard and believed in the Savior who paid the debt for his sin?

And speaking of a good man leaving an inheritance to his children’s children, just two weeks ago, Kirt’s and my first grandson, Anders Kirt, was baptized at the IBBM-Tepic church by Pastor Martín. Anders made the wise choice to place his trust exclusively in Jesus for his salvation, and then he chose to follow His example and declare that decision publicly, in Mexico. That he asked Pastor Martín to celebrate this act of obedience with him in Tepic is evidence of God’s promise to comfort, assure and empower His commissioned, obedient heirs always, to the end of the age. What ever could bring greater joy than to know that Kirt’s children and grandchildren, both biological and spiritual, are walking in the truth.  Don’t miss this 90-second video, produced byJonatán García, of the thrilling moment.

Few disciples finish well; actually, only about 1 in 3 Bible leaders did. Future legacy has always required a present investment, and it’s not cheap. Finishing well is only guaranteed by today’s choice to remember that the purpose of this life is not this life, living so that convictions and God’s promises are seen to be authentic in a vibrant, personal relationship with Him right up to the end. A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.  ~Proverbs 13:22



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