Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hilario "slipped into town" to work on data entry of some OT translation text. He brought Juan along for the "ride."

While I was out running errands, he got the bright idea to give Juan a cyber seminar, and before you know it, the guy had a personal secretary!

Emilia also showed up for a couple of days along with Micaela, her sister, for some teaching materials and tips on teaching kids and ladies, a responsibility she has taken upon herself as a calling from God. She teaches a discipleship class of 3 ladies (translating the Spanish version into Huichol as she goes) once a week, a class of all 30 (+/-) ladies from the village of Zapote twice a week on Tuesday and Friday mornings, the "ositos" (3-5 year-olds) in their OANSA club on Saturdays, and 2 kids' classes (all ages) on Sunday morning and evening.

She and I got our own bright idea to make "real" tortillas, "real" frijoles de la olla, eggs, and "real" salsa in a molcajete for breakfast. Jealous? :) Even Hilario and Juan were impressed!

While they were on this slope of the Sierra Madre, Hilario and Juan made two side trips to La BendiciĆ³n and to Zapote just to "encourage the brothers."


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