Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today I had a pow-wow with Pastors Manuel and José Lopez regarding the status of translator selection and the "letter" of request from the Huichol leaders for backing from The Seed Company. The Huichol believers are more anxious than we to have the Old Testament in their "heart language." The logistics of performing their end of the task have caused them to run up against many (for them) proverbial "brick walls," but they are not the least bit discouraged; and we all know that these "brick walls" serve to orient us in patience in future potential moments of discouragement.
Presently, the entire work force of Huichol believer men, with very few exceptions, is out working in fields at various worksites throughout the state of Nayarit, not for the purpose of increasing personal reserves, but in an attempt to raise funds for transportation, supplies and food provisions for the biggest reunion of new and experienced believers that they have ever had at one place. The get-together will be hosted by the church at Zapote de Picachos during Semana Santa (Easter Week), and the consensus is that it is important for everybody who has the need or desire to attend should be able to regardless of whether they can "afford" the ridiculously expensive costs of boat transportation and food. They are pooling their resources in the most impressive display of brotherly solidarity that I have ever seen. Pastor Manuel shared with me that he has been meditating on an appropriate theme for the celebration, and God has laid on his heart the idea that "We are so fortunate to have the New Testament in our hands." He said that in his studies God impressed him with the fact that "God's Word is entirely sufficient; it purifies, sanctifies, edifies," …and a couple of other "…ifies" he mentioned that my non-photographic memory refuses to recall. Then in the clincher, he questioned, "BUT what good is it if we don't apply it?" I agreed whole-heartedly and reminded him of the example in James of the man who sees his face in a mirror but walks away giving no attention to the reflection. So, the theme of the Easter Week celebration of new life, in addition to the ever-present evangelistic thrust, will be "to be doers of the Word, and not hearers only."


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