Sunday, September 26, 2010

José López surgery - (Sequel #5)

Sequel #5 (positive) to July/August 2010 Update - José López – stitches out! 9-26-10 Sunday after church, Martín, Erén and I went to Loma Alta where the “brothers and sisters” have been on round-the-clock rotation taking complete care of Pastor José López as he recuperates from his surgery. They are taking turns bringing his meals to his bedside, complete with steaming-hot, hand-flapped corn tortillas. When Laura brought his lunch today, she also brought him a cheerful bouquet of roses from her bush to brighten up his stay. I bet that even Kirt would be amazed that the surgical instruments he picked up for “peanuts,” “just in case,” at a swap meet while we were on deputation about 30 years ago would have been put to such valuable use. Today was stitch-removal time, and Erén and I were elected. With sterilized the instruments, for what it’s worth for a procedure performed in a mud house, with a multi-function flashlight for operating room illumination, and surrounded by a dingy hut full of curious onlookers, we went about the repulsive task of burrowing, snipping and plucking each strand of catgut from its gruesome niche. Check it out here. It’s positively amazing that José is taking his meds exactly on schedule, and so far he has zero infection! He has a follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on Friday. Thank you for your continued prayers for his complete recovery.


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