Monday, August 25, 2008

Pastor Refugio (from La Bendición) and his wife Nicolasa came to town to have their baby in the General Hospital. Now Hilda and Fabiola have a new little BROTHER! Refugio says they can’t tell yet what they should name him, but it will probably be a name that means “asked of God.” Would that happen to be “Samuel,” I wonder? We’ll see. Little “no name yet” weighed 3.325 kg, and was 53 cm long. Refugio said he was born pretty white, but as soon as Nicolasa starts eating meat and tortillas, he’ll turn brown like them. I told him that my mom must not have eaten enough meat and tortillas, then?!?

Nicolasa asked me to carry “little no name” out to the truck, and as we were leaving the hospital, the security guard, one I’ve never seen before, stopped us and called for his supervisor. The supervisor, who is also new, told me to give the baby to the mother to carry out. Refugio, without missing a beat, interjected, “His grandmother will carry him!” Oops!


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