Saturday, March 04, 2006

Last summer a large group of "non-traditional" Huichols were expelled from their village by local judicial authorities for not practicing the “accepted religion.” According to José Lopez they were Adventists, Apostolics and Baptists. The government made a place for them near Guadalajara, but Pastor Lopez says that the "Baptist" group couldn't hack the accommodations, and they have come back to our area looking for a new place to live. Presently, they are in Huanacaxtle, but they are not content there, and they went to ask Lopez for advice. Everybody knows Lopez.

They need access to a large parcel of land so they can plant their corn, and it appears they are considering the area near Atonalisco, just beyond where Roman lived when we were working with him in the early 80s. Pastor Lopez seems happy that there will be another large group moving into the area, but he is quite concerned that they begin to study the Word. Then there's the group of new believers from Guásima del Caimán who have gone to work in the harvest of the fields in El Patroneño, near Santiago. He and Pastor Manuel are itching to take a trip there to follow up on them, knowing that the "enemy" will no doubt be on their heels, and help them through the constant temptations that are so accessible in places like that. José and Manuel have a LOT on their plates. They work so well together, and their gifts complement each other in such a way, it scares me. Sometimes it's not easy being the "big chiefs," oh, but the crowns they are laying up in Heaven!


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