Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The annual Tepic church Christmas celebration is just around the corner on Dec 16, and we're all working like crazy to get everything in order.

The drama is coming along great; the actors are investing lots of time and effort. We're going to have another little mini concert this year, with 4 keyboards Carlita, Karla, Mishna and Jonatán) and the 3 violinists (Shadai, Erika and David). We put together a little arrangement of 3 Christmas songs, and even the instrumentalists are amazed at how good they sound!...not as amazed as I am, though! :) Imelda took charge of designing and organizing the workers to help with the church decorations this year, and they are beautiful. Luis Armando headed up the drama-writing job, with input from an army of offerers of suggestions. The story is adorable and very meaningful. Another Armando is designing and painting the 4 backdrops for scenery, and Sebastian and Ely are heading up the videography and lighting jobs. Mario is making our hodge-podge sound equipment work to the max. Erén and I are working with the kids’ choir that sings during the performance, and they sing their little hearts out! FINALLY, we’re getting some voices that are able to hear pitch…the next generation of church leaders will be invincible, IF they remember to guard their hearts!

One of us has volunteered to bring dinner for after every rehearsal so people can come straight from work or school. Of course, dinner is after 9:30 p.m…or later! I made tostadas Friday night, Laura made pozole for Saturday, and Nancy made tamales Sunday night. Maybe we should all just play the part of “Round John Virgin" or Santa Claus with our blossoming “bowls full of jelly”!


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